InAutomotive’s Industry Review

Here at InAutomotive we’re happy to announce the launch of our Industry Review! Simply pop in a couple of details over on the right and we’ll get the report sent straight to your inbox.


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The definitive look back on 2021 in the automotive industry

Following on from similar reports we’ve released over the past few years, our Industry Review is geared towards those in the industry looking to gain a deeper insight into the trends and benchmarks from the past year in automotive recruitment.

Here’s an idea of what you’ll find within the report…

  • Key figures highlighting the past year’s recruitment activity
  • Comparisons to the trends seen throughout 2019-2020
  • Opinions and surveys from our candidates regarding their experiences
  • What’s new with InAutomotive – the latest updates from us
  • Advice on best practice for how to give candidates the best possible experience
  • A roadmap of what’s coming soon from us in 2022

…and much more!