Mastering the art of writing a great job advert can be a game changer for your recruitment strategy. You’ll attract more relevant candidates, cutting down the time you spend sorting through unsuitable applicants – plus it’s the first impression a candidate will get of your company, so you want to make it a positive one.

Don’t worry, we are the experts when it comes to getting the best response for your ads – use this list of 10 changes you can make to your job adverts to instantly improve them without spending hours reworking adverts.


1. Job Title

When you’re adding your jobs to the site, be sure to keep your job title simple.

Search tools don’t like shortened words or abbreviations, so for example, write ‘Mechanical Electrical Trim’ and not ‘M.E.T’. It will make it easier for candidates to search for your job, meaning you will get more applications.

As well as this, keep in mind that what you call a job internally might not be how the wider market refers to a job role – think broadly.


2. Formatting

You want to make your job ad as easy to read as possible, as well as keeping it uniform and professional looking.

Utilising bullet points and paragraphs helps the ad look less busy, and subtitles help break the text us into more readable sections.

Remember, when you’re pasting your job description in, make sure to Left click the mouse > Select “Paste as plain text (or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V) – this will remove any external formatting that may appear incorrectly on the job listing.


3. Benefits

The job market is competitive, so to attract the best and brightest candidates, let them know what you offer alongside the salary. Gym memberships, onsite parking and other benefits are all attractive job perks worth advertising!


4. Salary

Did you know that 17% of automotive professionals said that adverts that don’t display a salary band was the most frustrating part of applying for jobs online, and 89% said that they’d be more likely to apply for a job it if the job if a salary was displayed?

To make sure you get the best response for your job ads, we would always recommend being clear about salary and benefits.


5. Sell your company

Did you know that candidates spend just 30 seconds skim reading a job ad before moving on to the next one? Make sure you grab their attention quickly by selling what makes your company a great place to work. Do you have a great reputation to boast about or is your company culture second to none?

If you know you have something great to offer to potential employees, don’t be shy about talking it up


6. Know what you’re looking for

When you’re writing your job ad, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for. Make sure you outline what you need clearly and concisely to be sure you only attract applicants with the right skills. Being vague will only attract people who lack the skills you need.

The more targeted your job advert, the better the chances you have of attracting top talent.


7. Logo

Branding is everything these days, and your logo is a big part of your brand recognition – is it blurred? Is it sized correctly? If not, this isn’t giving the best first impression of your company, and it looks unprofessional.


8. Categorisation

Does the job title match the correct category? Is the location matched up correctly? If not, not only will you fail to reach candidates who are relevant to you, you will likely get a lot of unsuitable applications that will waste your time and resources.


9. Spelling and grammar

This might seem like an obvious one, but we all make the odd typo! Double checking for any spelling errors in the job title or job description should become second nature – you could even ask a coworker to proofread your work for you. Spelling and grammatical errors make your ad look sloppy and unprofessional.


10. End with a clear call to action

You want to end your job ad with a clear instruction of what to do next – it could be as simple as, “To apply for this role, click the link below”, or you could add some flair and show your company’s culture with something a little more personal – get creative!


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