We recently caught up with Sunny Chawla to discover how to improve recruitment productivity through mobile recruitment. This is what he said:


“There are many things that executive search recruitment agencies have to look into for the smooth function of an organisation and in such scenarios if the right tools will be not applied then it will be very difficult to manage. So there are any recruitment problems that can be easily solved using a mobile app. Let’s have a look

Everybody has a mobile device and is on that device for different hours every day. Why not incorporate mobile devices with your affordable executive search recruitment agencies?

Note that when we notice mobile enlistment, we are alluding to utilising a mobile device to get to either a native mobile application for your picked ATS or an online form of your ATS. Native apps are perfect as they commonly have upgraded usefulness in an increasingly steady condition.

The principal segment of any mobile enrolment work process is the candidate following framework (ATS). Fundamentally, the ATS can be gotten to through a mobile device to take into consideration work while away from the desk. Without the mobile network into the ATS, it gets hard to execute a mobile enrolment technique ultimately. When you have a wholly coordinated mobile enlistment procedure, your group will begin to see noticeable gains in profitability and generally productivity.

Here’s the reason a mobile enrolment methodology is critical:


Improve Recruiter Preparedness

As an enrolment specialist or sales rep, you have to carry out your responsibility any place you are, regardless of whether that is at a customer site, during your drive, or at home while sitting in front of the TV. Without simple access to your ATS and vital information, meeting the requirements of your customers or applicants turns into a considerably more tedious assignment.

With mobile enlistment, you can take your whole database of leads, up-and-comers, contacts, and customers with you. Expertly survey significant subtleties before strolling into a customer meeting or rapidly contact an up-and-comer after that meeting to give them more data about an open job.

By having the entirety of your records open on your mobile telephone, you’re furnished continuously with the most recent data if an important contact connects while you’re away from the desk.

Consolidating mobile innovation into your spotter work process improves by and large profitability by empowering you to complete work, paying little mind to in case you’re in the workplace or not.


Make A Single Source of Truth

How often have you wound up leaving a meeting at a customer’s office, making a beeline for your desk, and afterwards quickly proceeding onward to another errand. In contrast, the entirety of the data from that customer meeting blurs away?

With the joining of a mobile device into your general enrolment specialist work process, you can track and record significant subtleties from that customer meeting into your ATS from your mobile device so nothing is lost and everything can be reviewed sometime in the future, by either yourself as an update or by a partner to find a good pace.

Getting to your ATS using a mobile device additionally helps make a solitary wellspring of the truth of important data, so everybody in your group has the entirety of the essential data about a specific record, instead of data living inside a scratch pad, another application on your telephone, or elsewhere altogether.

With the capacity to include data directly into the ATS from your telephone, you can catch subtleties that maybe some way or another have been overlooked.


Increment Engagement with Candidates

Using mobile devices as a significant aspect of your enlistment work process doesn’t stop with the customer side of the relationship. A vital segment of any mobile enlistment technique is joining mobile innovation in up-and-comer communication, for example, content informing.

By having ATS access from your mobile telephone, you can without much of a stretch contact applicants from any place you are, which thus will improve the competitor experience.

Has a competitor at any point messaged you an inquiry after business hours or throughout the end of the week? While work/life balance is significant, it’s additionally a worth add for your business to approach the entirety of the applicable data. At the same time, away from the desk so you can respond to significant inquiries regardless of when or where.

Maybe an up-and-comer gets in touch with you on Sunday late evening requesting insights concerning their new position that they’re beginning on Monday morning.

Without a mobile enrolment system, that question may go unanswered until you find a workable pace the following day. In any case, an ATS readily available permits you to use the entirety of that essential data to enable your contender to immediately.”

Who is Sunny Chawla?

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specialises in helping clients for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. He loves to share his thoughts from his blogs on Top financial services executive search firms.



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