When CV database search filters list irrelevant candidates

When you post a job but the applications don’t roll in

When someone is breathing down your next to fill the job vacancy

When you have too many job applications to deal with

When you’re searching through thousands of inactive candidate profiles

When your previous search history is nowhere to be seen

When you’re searching for quality candidates but they’re nowhere to be found

When you get halfway through posting a job and can’t save it

When you’re searching for candidates but profiles are incomplete

When your recruiter dashboard is there to help but does anything but

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Don’t Worry, We’re On It!

Our 2020 wasn’t defined by Zoom quizzes and bingeing on Netflix. For the last 6 months, we’ve been working extremely hard in the background to relaunch the InAutomotive platform.

As well as optimising the site so jobseekers and recruiters can connect in the easiest way possible, our products have been redesigned to eliminate the common bugbears of recruiters – such as a CV database listing irrelevant candidates and having to spend time searching through inactive or incomplete candidate profiles.

The relaunched site is due to go live in just a few weeks so there’s not long left to wait. Keep an eye out for more information coming soon!



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