In our latest guide to the new features of your Recruiter account, we’ll be demonstrating how you can proactively manage your adverts’ response using our new Response Boosters.

Should you wish to give a little extra push to one of your job adverts in order to attract more applications, just navigate to your Jobs Area and take a look at the Boost button on the right next to your chosen job.

Currently we have three Boost options available to you; Featured Job, Sponsored Job and Job of the Week.


Featured Job

Purchasing a Featured Job allows you to select a category on the site where your chosen job will appear at the top of the search results above all standard, unboosted jobs. This is the perfect option for targeting candidates who choose to browse the site via our category pages on the homepage.

Simply select your chosen category from the dropdown menu, select the number of days you’d like your job to be boosted for (or set the Boost to run until your job expires) and you’ll be taken to the payment page where you’ll pay a set rate based on the job’s category and the number of days you’ve chosen.

Sponsored Job

Sponsored Jobs allow you to sponsor a particular keyword and location; when a candidate makes a search on our site which matches your sponsored terms, your job will appear at the top of the search results above all standard, unboosted jobs. Around 2,000 keyword searches are made by candidates on InAutomotive every month, so this is a very popular option.

Simply select up to three keywords/phrases and up to three locations that you’d like to sponsor, select how long you’d like your Boost to run for (or choose to run it until our job expires), and pay a set rate based on how many days you’ve selected.

Job of the Week

Job of the Week gives your job our highest level of exposure on the site. By making your job the Job of the Week, you’ll ensure it appears at the top of the search results above all other boosted or unboosted jobs in your job’s category, no matter what type of search a candidate makes. Your job will also appear in a dedicated section on our homepage, which receives around 1,300 visits per week on average.

Simply select whether you’d like this Boost to run for the next 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks, and you’ll be charged a set rate based on the job’s category and how many weeks you’ve selected.

Once you’ve selected your desired Boost option and filled out the relevant information, you’ll be taken through to the payment screen where you can pay for the Boost to remain active for your desired time period.

Once your Boost is live, we would recommend you keep an eye on the Recent Report graph in your main account dashboard, as well as monitoring the views and applications listed next to the job in your Jobs Area. This way you have full knowledge of the effect that the Boost has had on your job’s performance, and you’re able to work out which Boost options may work the best for different types of roles in future.