Employee turnover can cost your company more than just money. A high-performer quitting the job means you will have to find an equally good replacement which can be taxing. The reasons for an employee leaving your organisation can impact the morale and productivity of other members of the same team. This is why it is so important to focus on your employee retention.

The importance of employee retention, thus can’t be undermined. Happy and satisfied workers make stronger teams which leads to better and more delightful customer experiences. Companies that focus on retaining employees save up effort and money on recruiting and training. 

Top 10 most Effective Employee Retention Strategies.

There are many industries in which the job market favours employers, while there are some in which most of the positions are candidate-oriented. The employers and hiring managers should not risk losing talented candidates and that requires devising and implementing strong employee retention strategies. 

Here are some aspects and areas that you should focus on and improve for enhancing the job satisfaction of the workers and subsequently employee retention rates!

1- Make the Onboarding Process 

A dissatisfactory or disastrous onboarding experience can make the new hires doubt your company. The onboarding and orientation must include getting familiar with your organisation’s culture. 

Use videos, existing employee testimonials, and other materials for giving information about the values and vision your business stands for and the culture that gives all the workers the chance to contribute to their personal growth along with your company’s. 

2- Promote Mentorship to boost retention.

One of the ways to boost staff retention is to support mentorship. Assigning a mentor to every new hire will aid with onboarding, on-job training, and tracking the performance. Talk to the team heads and ask them about pairing an experienced or senior employee with a newly recruited one. 

Mentorship programmes can be introduced irrespective of the new hiring as well. This is likely to strengthen inter-team relationships that will enhance job satisfaction and motivation. 

3- Retention will be easier if you pay Competitive Salaries and Offer Perks.

Retaining employees can get easier if you evaluate and revise the salaries regularly. Make sure that you don’t pay less than your competitors and if a worker is performing exceptionally well, give the pay raise when it’s due. 

Benefits or perks offered to the employees need to be upgraded as well to keep them happy with your company. Improve the pension schemes and healthcare plans. Provide work-from-home options to employees or flexible working hours; if for some reason they are unable to be in the office for long. 

Some other sought-after perks that you can offer to the workers are paid maternity/paternity leaves, fitness discounts or facilities, stress management programmes and free meals/tea/coffee. 

4- Facilitate Effective Workplace Communication 

Lack of communication or miscommunication can lead to misunderstandings and grudges between the employees. It is therefore imperative for the employers and HR to ensure that the communication between the different teams stays proactive and positive. 

5- Give Performance Feedback 

Keeping a track of employees’ performance and giving them guidance on how to achieve their short and long-term goals will encourage them to perform better. You can have annual performance reviews or quarterly meetings with the workers for discussing if they are going in the right direction. 

One of the staff retention strategies is to guide the employees with the view to incentivise them for giving out their best and get promoted. Set realistic expectations for the workers and don’t over-promise anything, whether it is a bonus or recognition award, be transparent about it and announce it in a meeting or during an event. 

6- Invest in Training and Development of Employees 

Employees tend to stick with employers that invest in their training and skill/career development. Upskilling is getting more and more important for organisations with the evolution of technology. Investing in reskilling and upskilling your workforce will have many benefits including increasing their job satisfaction levels. 

If you don’t have an internal learning and development plan, start working on one as it has become significant for retaining employees. 

7- Use Formal Reward Systems for Acknowledging Talent and Efforts 

Another talent retention strategy that you can utilise is to express your gratitude and appreciation for the employees who work hard to accomplish their personal and company goals. 

You don’t need to have a huge budget for initiating recognition or reward programmes, make the acknowledgement more about uplifting the spirits of the workers and telling them that you value them. 

8- Promoting Work-Life Balance will help retention.

Whether you want to acquire new talent or retain the existing one, promoting an environment of work-life balance will make your company among the sought-after employers.

Make sure that your management recognises it and ensures that the boundaries are set so that the teams don’t feel overworked or miss out on important personal and life events because of being too tied up with everyday tasks. 

9- Change Management 

The work environment can’t stay the same, companies that know how to handle and manage the changes have happy and satisfied employees. If there are changes happening in the form of mergers or acquisitions, keep your workers well-informed and updated.

Rumours can disrupt the peace of the employees, make sure that you don’t leave them in limbo. If there is going to be a transition, ease it for the workers and give them the opportunity to ask all the questions that they have.

10- Encourage Teamwork is another way to improve retention.

Encouraging teamwork will go a long way in improving employee retention rates. Inculcate the team spirit among the workers so that they can contribute ideas and solutions for accomplishing the collaborative goals. 

Giving every individual the power to make decisions and course corrections will make them feel useful and important to the organisation. 


 Lastly, acknowledge and celebrate all kinds of milestones that you accomplish for the employees and the company. You will witness increased levels of staff retention and satisfaction by acknowledging their support and efforts for achieving something big for your organisation. 

Besides employing all these strategies for retaining workers, you have to re-evaluate them on a regular basis. For instance, you might think that the employees are being offered competitive salaries and company benefits but what if they are not according to the current market standards?

Your existing employees represent the image of your organisation, if you keep them happy and satisfied, they will play a significant role in building your positive employer brand and spreading the good word about the company’s culture and processes. Identify the talent who have the ability to excel in their roles and reignite their enthusiasm, such workers will become your brand evangelists. 

Invest in retaining your workforce by creating a comfortable work environment and paying attention to little details that count for making the experience delightfully memorable for them.

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