The impact of Covid-19 on employment in the automotive job market has already been remarkable with multiple reports of job losses throughout the industry.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) warned the government in June that one in six jobs were at risk of redundancy without help in restarting production. 

The full effects of the pandemic are yet to be seen but coupled with the uncertainty around Brexit in 2019, the long term future of the industry, and those employed within the sector, is under threat. 

Here we take a look at key insights into jobseekers using InAutomotive during August 2020. 


Key Insights


  • 65.7% said their current / previous job had been affected by Covid-19
  • 56.3% had been made redundant due to Covid-19
  • 73.5% said they were concerned about the future of their career in the industry 
  • 64.8% said they had searched for a new job daily in the last few months

Responses acquired in August 2020. 

Based on an InAutomotive survey of 387 automotive professionals. 

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